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Dec 26

Amazon package day….yaaayyyy!

Amazon package day….yaaayyyy!

Nov 29

iDoneThis blog: Jeff Bezos’s Peculiar Management Tool for Self-Discipline -


The modern workplace’s vogue is informal information exchange. We sit in open floor plan offices so that we can spontaneously collide, chat, and collaborate. The office setup for a meet-cute of ideas can be fizzy and energizing, though when sparks aren’t flying, the colliding can be noisy…

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Aug 26

“Studies have shown that highlighting and rereading text is among the least effective ways for students to remember the content of what they have read. A far better technique is for students to quiz themselves. In one study, students who read a text once and then tried to recall it on three occasions scored 50 percent higher on exams than students who read the text and then reread it three times. And yet many teachers persist in encouraging—or at least not discouraging—the techniques that science has proved to fall short.” — http://anniemurphypaul.com/2012/08/put-down-that-highlighter/ (via searchforknowledge)

Aug 07

The tragedy of reading history is that we are reminded how brief life really is. It’s like leaving an engrossing movie midway

Aug 02

“The past, present and future of the universe are just different regions of a single vast spacetime. Time is part of space-time, but space-time is a higher reality existing outside of time.” — Memories of Kurt Godel:  http://www.rudyrucker.com/blog/2012/08/01/memories-of-kurt-godel/

May 28

Spent some time this weekend polishing up an old google app engine project that was in hibernation. Given that my knowledge of web applications is fairly limited, I ended up learning quite a few things: 

  1. That data can be separated from the structure/design via XML/JSON. The fact that the data, structure & design can all be separated by XML, HTML & CSS is fairly elegant.
  2. That jquery can be used as a high-level abstraction layer to avoid dealing with browser nitty-gritties.
  3. How AJAX/Javascript work.

Most happily, I have a simple note-sharing application that does what I want it to do, and something that I can use today & everyday.

May 13

Isomorphismes: I feel vindicated in several ways by the Netflix Engineering team’s... -


I feel vindicated in several ways by the Netflix Engineering team’s recent blog post explaining what they did with the results of the Netflix Prize. What they wrote confirms what I’ve been saying about recommendations as well as my experience designing recommendation engines for clients, in…

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Apr 10

“But our success actually hinges on the opposite: on our willingness to risk missing some information. Because trying to focus on it all is a risk in itself.” — http://blogs.hbr.org/bregman/2009/05/two-lists-you-should-look-at-e.html

Apr 04


Mar 27

Hacking and investing are similar in that both involve making sense of complex systems. 

Mar 24

Fascinating that Subash Chandra has found the time to do 17 meditation retreats: http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2012/0326/billionaires-12-asia-pacific-subhash-chandra-zee-tv-vipassana-transcendental.html . Having done just one, I can say that it takes a serious amount of discipline. But more than doing retreats, it’s imperative to find the time to meditate everyday. I’ve been doing so on most days since January 2009 (clocked in close to 1500 hours so far), and I must say it’s really one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Still need to find the time to do more retreats though. 

Mar 18


Mar 15

“The two hemispheres do complementary processing… The right hemisphere of the brain provides the ‘big picture,’ and the left controls sequential processing. Both of those are important for creativity… Creativity is a more whole-brained activity than we’d like to imagine… Reason relies on emotion… Logical decisions such as buying a car are actually influenced by highly emotional impulses [from the right brain] that we then rationalize.” — Researchers probe the neuroscience of creativity, seeing fMRI evidence that our notion of the “divided brain” is indeed mistaken. (via explore-blog)

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Mar 14

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